These aren't shows on Netflix, but they should be. It's just what I came up with in an hour of brainstorming so I'd love some suggestions as well!
  1. John Stamos: The John Stamos Story
    A documentary written, produced, directed by, and staring John Stamos.
  2. Asparagus Farms
    An animated comedy about asparagus living in a small farm town who are self-conscious about the smell of their pee. (Elf, anyone?)
  3. Capitol
    A show about how all the people living in capitol cities around the world are actually evil robots.
  4. Buzzfeed, the Movie
    Kind of like The Jackass movie, only more cat videos and Tasty cooking tutorials.
  5. Celebrity BFF
    This may have been an actual show at some point but oh well. People would compete to hang out with who they think would be their celebrity BFF. Only it would have cool celebrities, like @mindy, not any B-listers.
  6. MAX
    Since spin-offs seem to be really big these days, this would be like Orange is the New Black only taking place in the Maximum Security Prison down the hill.
  7. Pub Quiz
    A group of friends who form a professional pub quiz team. Too weird to hold down real jobs they rely solely on what they win to get by.