How I keep sports interesting.
  1. Tyson Wilson / Dungeon Dragon (Tyson Chandler)
    Because there was a Wilson Chandler on the Knicks. Roared when he made tough plays at the basket. I'm still mad he was traded.
  2. Bazinga (Kristaps Porzingis)
  3. Duda Day (Lucas Duda)
    To the tune of Camptown Races: "Duda Duda... all the Duda Day"
  4. Lord Syndegaard (Noah Syndegaard)
    Said in a fancy voice like he's a character on Game of Thrones being summoned by the king.
  5. The Great Gazoo (David Wright)
    From when he had to wear a special helmet after being concussed.
  6. DeGrimey (Jacob DeGrom)
    Because of the hair. Yuck.
  7. Justin Turner Overdrive / Hobo Turner Overdrive (Justin Turner)
    His name evolved when I saw his post-Mets look.
  8. Spruel (Latrell Sprewell)
    My father-in-law's creative mispronounciation. Rhymes with "gruel."
  9. Ellie Manning (Eli Manning)
    Another good one by my father-in-law
  10. Smooth Criminal (JR Smith)
    Obvious reasons
  11. Schump-a-Dump (Iman Schumpert)
    Probably inspired by Walt 'Clyde' Frazier's legendary rhymes.