At a small family gathering I have suddenly had the unsettling realisation that I come from the whitest of families.
  1. Two blonde haired 3 year olds are playing with Lego and one of them just built a stable, 'like the one we have at home'
  2. My great-uncle Joe's pants are pulled up so high they could legally be considered a strapless romper.
  3. There is not one woman here not wearing 3/4 slacks
  4. Everyone is taking 'selfies' on their iPads, including my 96 year old aunt
    And by selfies I mean they are taking photos of the view with their front-facing camera
  5. Every available surface has a glass bowl with potpourri in it.
  6. There is a giant vase filled with ferns on the glass coffee table.
  7. My whole family are white.