Work in progress. Will keep adding as I keep living
  1. Con: food pollution. #1 issue in my mind. When employees of high end supermarkets get busted swapping imported food with fakes, there's no one you can trust. Two words: infant formula
  2. Con: air pollution. Especially on days when PM2.5 is 'Beyond Index'
  3. Con: low trust culture is a downer
  4. Pro: the electricity and existential thrill of being here during the defining historical mega change of our generations
  5. Pro: weekly in-house massage helps keep you calm
  6. Pro: affordable live-in household help and driver greatly increases quality of life
  7. Pro: relatively safe from violent crime and a gun-free society
  8. Con: massive lost productivity from having to screw around with VPN for 10-30 minutes per day