Ok foodies, together let's build the ultimate list of must-try food!
  1. Roosevelt Prime Steak. Get the delmonico ribeye medium. Best steak in Asia! Best mac and cheese in the world? My favorite for 8 years
  2. Xin Guang. One of the most unique mouthfeel dishes and memorable dishes I ever had: dish #4 of the Shanghai hairy crab set course, globs of thick crab roe is hand picked out of the crab and laid onto transparent glass noodles. Wow. Hairy crab is a lot of work but here a platoon of ladies pick all the meat out of the shells for you.
  3. Jessie / lao Jishi. All the shanghainese classics but the carp head wrapped in long grass scallion is memorable. Order in advance.
  4. Lanna Coffee is my favourite coffee place in Shanghai. They have their own roasted coffee and they know how to prepare it! Well done Lanna!
    Suggested by   @matous_bestaurant
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