Elevate the attendee experience and overall success of your charity fundraiser or special event.
  1. A "What to Expect" Pre-Event Email
    Confirm RSVP's and provide need-to-know information about parking, check-in procedures, optional purchases (raffle tickets, drinks included or not, live auction packages?) , and event timing to set expectations and prepare attendees, which will result in a better experience.
  2. Schedule of Events and Directional Signage
    Don't rely on volunteers or a printed program to guide participants. Use arrows, clear signs, and enlarged maps to show them where highlights or sessions will be, and when.
  3. Ingredients Signage for Food
    Let guests easily see what you are serving, especially if it may contain potential allergens or ingredients that may be issues for dietary restrictions, i.e. nuts, dairy, gluten, berries, meat, eggs.
  4. Unique Hashtag for Social Media, Posted
    Place reminder signs in restroom stalls, at check-in, on tables. You'll be grateful post-event when you're able to find photos, mentions, and social engagement easily. Don't have one for your event? Using your organization's everyday hashtag works, too.
  5. Swag Bags/Branded Giveaways
    Give attendees something to remind them of you. Aim for something practical, memorable, and with high potential for repeated usage.
  6. Sponsor/Donor Thank You's
    The more positive exposure and business you can drive, the more easily you'll be able to get current sponsors to support you again. For example, this framed 24x36" poster garnered much attention at the entrance, silent auction room, and mixer area at a gala.
  7. Phone Charging Station
    A dead phone will dampen anyone's experience, especially if you want participants to post pics and share. A few surge protectors with connected charging cables for the most popular phones will save someone's day.
  8. Photo Opportunities
    Whether it's a step-and-repeat backdrop, shareable signage, or digital photo booth with your logo, give your guests fun reasons to share their experience at your event. You never know who will see it and want to come next time.