In order of significance. Also: 😏 = alive, 😲 = dead. Sure to be polarizing. Let's discuss!
  1. Carol | Status: 😏
    WHY: Carol would need her very own list for me to tick off every single reason, but the biggest things I've taken issue with were her essentially calling Rick a terrible leader way back in season 2 WHEN HE HELPED LOOK FOR SOPHIA, TOO, and her #Karol2012 moment (as I like to call it) when training and leading a child army without the knowledge of said children's parents became her own personal mission. Also, she plays stupid because she thinks it's a good cover, then lashes out vindictively. 👎🏼
  2. Dale | Status: 😲
    WHY: The so-called "voice of reason" and father figure to all pre-Hershel, Dale had a God complex spilling out of the sides of his bucket hat. When Jacqui and Dr. Jenner decided to stay behind at the CDC, Andrea wanted to, as well. Remember? But Dale talked her out of making her own decision about her own life. And even when Shane was beginning to lose his mind, he was the only one who could bring himself to do things Rick now has to do. And yet, Dale thought it was all wrong. As usual.
  3. Andrea | Status: 😲
    WHY: Another one who'd require her own list. At the beginning, I sympathized with her because in a setting like a zombie freakin' apocalypse, if you don't want to stick around, you shouldn't have to. But then she started doing lame things like shooting Daryl. And taking up with the Governor, though all signs pointed to something being not quite right. And then trying to unite the Governor's group and Rick's post-Dixon brother tango, when she saw what the Governor was capable of... C'mon. No.
  4. Glenn | Status: 😲❓[edit: 😏 ARRRRGH!]
    WHY: He makes everything about himself in his relationship with Maggie -- even her traumatizing, degrading, and sick encounter with the Governor. He's also always got to play the hero, the noble man who leaves no one behind and will always be the first to step up to bat, no matter how it might affect Maggie. Rick used to share that mentality, but at this point in the game, even he realizes such things are completely unreasonable. There are always consequences. Not everyone is going to survive.
  5. Tyreese | Status: 😲
    WHY: When his sister was near death and narrowly escaped the prison influenza epidemic with her life, Tyreese forgot all about her in favor of Karen, a woman he'd met only recently and thoroughly lost his mind over. Finding out who burned her body (another great, unilateral decision made by Carol!) was the only thing that mattered. Later, after the prison was wrecked and everyone found each other again, Sasha was ecstatic and relieved to see her brother. She had no clue he basically forgot her.
  6. Father Gabriel | Status: 😏
    WHY: Shutting his congregation out was pretty bad, sure. Not exactly the Christian thing to do, though when fight or flight kicks in, most people elect to flee. Not everyone is a hero. This is realistic and makes for interesting character background. What's most unforgivable, in my eyes, is that he didn't seem to have learned from his mistake and went to Deanna about how utterly despicable this group who saved his life is and insisted that they cannot be trusted. That's not exactly harmless.
  7. Shane | Status: 😲
    WHY: This is one of the most conflicting list items for me and complicated matters in general as a fan of the show. After Shane attempted to rape Lori, I never thought I'd forgive him. But at the farm, when no one seemed to be able to step up and make a hard decision (least of all Rick, and I'm Team Rick -- ride or die), Shane was the only one concerned about the impending disaster that was the walkers in the barn. In the end, his sanity having gone the way of his hair, he had to die.
  8. Merle | Status: 😲
    WHY: Again, conflicting feelings. I love a "good" -- that's to say, well-developed -- bad guy, and Merle always was that. However, he was also unapologetically racist, self-interested, callous, and downright diabolical. The Dixon brother dynamic, fascinating to watch, is one I have to admit I miss. Daryl has grown a lot without the influence of his older brother. Has it always been positive growth? That death scene, though... One of the most emotional and haunting, on par with Hershel's.
  9. The Governor | Status: 😲
    WHY: Everyone's going to say he should've gone down, most of all, for brutally murdering Hershel in front of his daughters. While absolutely heartbreaking and inexcusable, to me, that's the eye-for-an-eye mentality I don't care to see. An excellent villain, seeing him interact with not only the core group, but his own people, Andrea, and Merle, kept me on the edge of my seat. And I fully blame Michonne for The Governor going bonkers. But that level of bonkers cannot and should not be sustained.
  10. Carl | Status: 😏
    WHY: I recently told friends that Carl is responsible for at least half the turmoil the group finds itself in, and my friends were like, "Uh, it's definitely more than half." Not only does Carl have a bit of that Glenn self-righteousness going on, he also gets that faraway look in his blank eyes, and, having grown up during the apocalypse, lost his innocence a long time ago. He's somewhat of a loose cannon. But it'd kill Rick to lose Carl, and he was responsible for Dale's demise (heh, heh)...