Clarence is an adorable, loving Boston Terrier, who sometimes drives me nuts.
  1. Wakes me up with kisses...2 hours before I need to wake up.
  2. Cries in an attempt to get me to throw his toy so he can fetch it, and when I finally try to pick it up, he runs away with it. This never fails.
  3. Humps my pillow.
  4. Scratches at the door to go outside. I will get up to open it and he won't go because it's too cold/hot/rainy or he has changed his mind. Five minutes later he scratches the door again.
  5. Eats the sprinklers outside. Our Gardner loves all the business we've given him as a result.
  6. Is so darn cute that no matter what he does I can't stay angry at him for more than half a second.
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