Things My Boston Terrier Does That Are Both Cute and Annoying

Clarence is an adorable, loving Boston Terrier, who sometimes drives me nuts.
  1. Wakes me up with kisses...2 hours before I need to wake up.
  2. Cries in an attempt to get me to throw his toy so he can fetch it, and when I finally try to pick it up, he runs away with it. This never fails.
  3. Humps my pillow.
  4. Scratches at the door to go outside. I will get up to open it and he won't go because it's too cold/hot/rainy or he has changed his mind. Five minutes later he scratches the door again.
  5. Eats the sprinklers outside. Our Gardner loves all the business we've given him as a result.
  6. Is so darn cute that no matter what he does I can't stay angry at him for more than half a second.