Although I do enjoy Instagram and have made many friends through the app, I feel that Instagram changed an art form that I hold dearly to my heART.
  1. Everyone can be a "photographer"
    It's true. Anyone can be a photographer. Fact is, you don't even have to own a camera anymore. An iPhone will do just fine these days. More and more I see people choosing photography as a creative outlet(which I'm not against) but with the help of Instagram, a person who has only just picked up a camera can gain a massive following if they've taken, well more like duplicated the right shots. With that being said..
  2. Instagram tells you what a "good" photo is
    Just how topics on Twitter become "trending", so do photos. Why is that an a-symmetrical, super sharp New York street or a person with their back turned to the camera facing a scenic mountain view of the Pacific Northwest or a an #ootd in front of a white brick wall so popular? The Instagram community deems it as a good photo. In order to gain "likes" and followers, people must post what people like. Honestly, I am tired of the floating sneaker shots.
  3. Followers does not equal Artistic level
    Companies are hiring photographers with high following counts. It's a smart move marketing-wise. I get that. I feel that companies are hiring photographers that they know will get those "typical" shots. There is little to no concept anymore. Photographers, you need to know that you don't need followers to tell you you're an amazing artist.
  4. Missing out on being a shitty photographer
    I've noticed that people that take up photography in skate culture have a better grasp artistry. They start by taking photos of their friends bailing on set of stairs and taking a photo of their friends chipped tooth. EVERYTHING IS COOL! Instagram allows people who pick up photography to duplicate the shots that are getting 10,000 likes. And that's where they start. It's like they just missed out on being a kid.
  5. I guess it's more like 4 reasons but this is my conclusion
    there are just too many photographers and not enough artists. I believe that our art is an expression of who we are. So the more we grow as a person, so does our art. The more we learn about ourselves, our style becomes more refined. Half of being an art is is exploring what's within yourself and half exploring what's out there for you. Art takes time, be in it for the long haul. Or else we're just taking instant photos. Here now, gone in a swipe