I've always stated that the amount of followers you have doesn't always account to how awesome a Photographer is. So here's my top 10 favourite photographers that have yet to hit the 10k mark. (In no particular order)
  1. Zhamak Fullad (@ zhamakthecat) she's awesome because, one she's from my city and I've met her so I know she's actually awesome. She takes good risks and actually has portrait concepts.
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  2. Julian Burgueno (@ julianbpp) this guy just has the fuckin angles. Angles on angles on angles
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  3. Heather Amistad (@ h.va) I just finished her write up for the upcoming issue of Street Dreams Magazine. Living in the Pacific Northwest you get a lot of cliche landscape shots but she really emphasizes finding your own perspective and challenging people's eyes.
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  4. Jessica Foley (@ fauxly) I've been following her for 6 years on various social media and blog sites. I'm a fan. Seeing her progression I think has been the best part. Her style is light and fun.
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  5. Mark Pangilinan (@ markpeaced) I'm a fan of the vibe his photos give off. I've never met him but I interviewed him via email and he seems super cool and I think his personality rubs off a lot on his photographs.
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  6. Michael Cobarrubia (@ rddsngco) Mike is the art director and co-founder of Street Dreams Mag. Over the past two years he's grown so much as a shooter. His background in graphic design plays a huge role is some of his mind bending edits.
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  7. Erika (@ eezeetee) usually female photographers have a certain eye that is different from males. Female photographers have something special that no man can emulate. Erika is the cheat code because she adds that mysterious female aura to shots that your biggest male photographer shoots.
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  8. Erika Bowes (@ 198172E) if you follow fashion bloggers you'll recognize Erika Bowes. I happened to come across a low key tweet of hers that linked to her photography account. She's got that style with her clothing and with her photos. Style style style.
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  9. Jeremy Lee (@ jjudelee) I've been working with Jeremy for the past year. This guy is just so sharp. Insanely, technically sound.
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  10. Drew Dizon (@ drewjdizon) I love this guys portraits. I don't know what the right word is but I guess his style is.. Serene... It's relaxing. Definitely relaxing.
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  11. Vanessa Vigil (@ vavimami) I I had to squeeze her to push the list to 11. Lol. I've gotten to meet her and shoot her. This block of her IG grid does not do justice to how artistic she really is. I haven't met a lot of true true artists who have messages within their work. Great great mind.
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