1. Hey. Dude.
  2. What the hell do you think you're doing?
  3. We're all in a single file line boarding the bus.
  4. You walked right up to the head of the line and shouldered your way into the second spot.
  5. There is a thing called a social contract.
  6. You just violated it.
  7. Do you think the rest of us enjoy waiting in lines?
  8. Like it's a HOBBY we all inexplicably enjoy?
  9. Well, it's not.
  10. We'd like to cut the line too.
  11. But we'd all bunch up at the door, trying to shove our way on at the same time.
  12. It's quicker to wait in line.
  13. You're the weakest link in the human food chain. You're the reason all suffering exists.
  14. I have spent the whole bus ride writing this.
  15. I try to be nice to people.
  16. But next time, I might say something.
  17. Like, "HEY!"
  18. Consider yourself warned.