I promise the won't *all* be of my boy.
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  2. A quickly organized Seder on our first night home with the boy. Huge assist from @sally
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  3. A sunset over a friend's summer wedding in Chicago after an epic thunder storm.
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  4. The homemade strawberry cream cheese frosting-stuffed Challah French toast I made for the wife for her first Mother's Day breakfast.
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  5. The view on the way back up South Kaibab Trail with @sally when went Rim-to-River-to-Rim in one day without any planning. #whatgoesdownmustcomeup
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  6. The sun setting over Waikiki Beach on the babymoon. (Yeah I know it is ridiculous term but it is what it is.)
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  7. "Srly? Enough with the lists dad."
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  8. The mint Julep set up for the Derby.
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  9. The beginnings of lengua tacos at home.
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  10. My favorite picture ever.
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    As seen in "These things bring me joy"