Borrowed from @NoahGeisel
  1. Cory Boker
    When he was Mayor of Newark and saving puppies from burning buildings (for which my wife called him "the Ryan Gosling of Mayors"), I saw him give a speech to the UJA and he dropped some Yiddish. It was cool so I said so and he thanked me. Such a mensch.
  2. Chris Cosentino
    The SF based chef was being an ass on Top Chef Masters and I tweeted about it. I said I hoped that the editing was making him seem like a prick and that he was actually nicer than they made him out to be. He wasn't or at least his publicist wasn't. Whatever. The service at his now closed Incanto was mediocre, the food was overpriced and over-salted and the night we ate there the WSJ editors received all the sold out dishes well after our sever noted the kitchen 86'ed the dish...JUST SAYING.
  3. Kara Goucher
    One of the top female distance runners in the U.S., Kara posted a tweet about how if you put your mind to it you can do anything. I called her out on my blog and she commented! It was surreal as a huge fan to have the subject of your post explain herself. She has also tweeted back and forth with me a few time. @abbyzeecee calls her my best friend, so it's cool.