I have my crazy but they bring me great joy.
  1. Always showering before sleeping on clean sheets.
    I almost didn't tonight but @abbyzeecee was right saying I should and I took a quick shower and glory be to my wife, saver of my clean sheets.
  2. Missing the express bus at the first stop and being able to run it down at the second stop.
    This used to be easier. I also used to run marathons.
  3. Making the boy laugh.
    He's a huge smiler and now squeaker but a true giggle is everything I want in the world and I'll do pretty much anything for it.
  4. Having deep and intellectual conversations that fluctuate from topic to topic.
    Politics to race to pop culture to business to vaccinations to art all while being semi-serious.
  5. Making my wife laugh at something I said I intended to be funny.
    This includes an important modifier but it also makes me very happy.
  6. Building something.
    I hate Ikea but love the sense of accomplishment.
  7. Cooking a grand meal.
    Pasta from scratch. A deep,unadulterated gravy. Baby food. You name it. I like to cook it.
  8. Cheering during running events.
    After being supported during some tough spots in my racing days I feel it's my duty to support those who need it now. Cow bells are optional but highly encouraged. That said good luck @jill this Sunday!
  9. Spitting paper exactly down the middle by folding it back and forth until the crease is ready to be pulled apart.
    So rewarding.
  10. Crafting myself into a corner.
    Thanks @sally for this. It made me laugh so very hard and continues to make me smile. OVERHEARD WHILE DONNIE HOT GLUE-GUNNED HIS SON'S COSTUME