Sure racial tensions, spying on everyone, social inequality and inept leaders but AMERICA!
  1. John Philip Sousa
    My dad would play "Great Marches" every Fourth when I was a kid REALLY LOUD really early. It's a thing.
  2. Baseball
  3. Appropriated grilled meats.
    Everywhere around the world...THEY COMING TO AMERICA.
  4. On that note NEIL DIAMOND
    If you hate America or are @tombatten maybe you don't think this is a good thing.
  5. The National Park system is snazzy.
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    Note the hat and the big canyon in the background. #America This is from when @sally and I hiked the Grand Canyon in a day. A list on its own.
  6. Fireworks
    I mean not much could be more American that pointlessly blowing up stuff.
  7. My kid looks great in red, white and blue.
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  8. Summer concerts
    Outdoor concerts in band shells and such.
  9. Overthrowing the government
    We do it every four years #trite #truism
  10. Rock-n-Roll
  11. Our money is boring but stable.
    Suck it the euro.
  12. Red Cups
    Nothing says freedom like Solo cups.
  13. Our food and beer culture is actually pretty solid these days.
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    This is an ironically selected picture of a bacon cheese burger on a donut. Why, you ask? Well because America.