We are also included
  1. 500 tortillas and fish oil pills
    Taco joint owners with heart issues.
  2. Two 24-packs of local craft beers and Kirkland laundry detergent
    Guys in corporate t-shirts and flip flops. (box and Khan Academy shirts)
  3. Organic baby bell peppers, artichoke dip, cold cuts and baby wipes.
    That was us.
  4. Three flats of croissants, a box of Hefty leaf bags and a variety of nuts.
    A family of three.
  5. Tuna poke, Belvedere vodka and a case of 92 point Cab Franc.
    The people we used to be...we have been replaced by people with worse taste in booze and wine.
  6. Dino nuggets and chocolate covered berries.
    @sally are you is SF and not tell me?
  7. A flat bed of paper goods and corn chips, holding a gift certificate to California Pizza Kitchen.
    Not really sure what was the deal here.