It has been a week - feel free to pile on
  1. The Selfie Stick of People
    Wish I could claim this as my own.
  2. Ass Hat
  3. Struggle Bus Driver
  4. Right Swipe
  5. Left Swipe
  6. The people screaming on the bus right now
  7. Uggs
  8. Turd
    It is a classic.
  9. Poop pants
    Looking at you @sally
  10. Scum [receptacle]
    Bag, bucket, etc.
  11. Birthday Clown
  12. Ass Clown
  13. Just clowns in general
  14. Scuzz monkey
  15. Pee-on
  16. Hipster
  17. House pants
  18. Turd muffin
    Suggested by @sally