I'm usually against it but...
  1. Leaving your phone on vibrate on the floor in the apartment upstairs.
  2. Not getting up for an old person or pregnant lady on the bus.
  3. Microwaving fish in a public microwave.
  4. More than x items in the "x items or fewer" line.
    Related: Stores that call said line the "x items of less" line.
  5. Parking in front of someone else's garage/drive way for more than just a minute.
  6. Vape "smokers" who rationalize "smoking" inside.
  7. Yelling at service/retail/wait staff.
  8. Indignation amongst smokers.
    Just accelerating the inevitable and this way I don't have to hear about "your rights as a smoker."
  9. Placing kids on leashes.
    editor's note: I reserve the right to change my mind about this one in couple years.
  10. Printing on one side of the paper.
  11. Forced wearing of matching family outfits for travel.
  12. Tourist walking in non-tourist areas in New York.
    I'll give you a pass in Time Square.
  13. Clipping your nails in public.
    Late add thanks to the guy on the bus.