Inspired by @bjnovak and hopefully @abbyzeecee and @rebeccazemel will weigh in.
  1. Jello mold
    Why? Well because #America, that's why. This unnatural combination of cream and gelatin-based fruit flavor is a key aspect of my plate. 🇺🇸
  2. Stuffing
    I'm down with it from a box or good bread or whatever. Stuffing has it right, carbs with fat. Again; #America
  3. Green Bean Casserole
  4. Booze
    Duh. We checked bags this year partly to bring wine from our recent day trip to Sonoma because we are snot-nosed yuppie scum. I'm also excited to get some local releases from some of Tulsa's (honestly) great craft beers. Related:
  5. Cranberry stuff
    Fuck your organic hippy "slow food" cranberry sauce. If it ain't got can rings still on the side it ain't shit.
  6. Gravy
    I made it from scratch last year and it was pretty good. It brings the plate together, especially when you pour it over everything.
  7. Yeast Rolls when hot
    A friend brings these and they are great when they are hit from the oven and then a kin to stones. But when they are hot they are very tasty.
  8. Politics
  9. Carrot Ring
    Below political discussion I rank this family favorite of my wife. This may result in me sleeping on a couch but if we can't be honest on @list where can we be honest. #amirite?
  10. Tums
    Really more of a dessert item but you get the point.