I know @shondarhimes was all like "don't feel guilty" but we aren't all like Shonda and I take great pleasure in the guilt and I think this could be an epic list and the artistry of Ms Rhimes will be prominently featured.
  1. #htgawm
    STFU with Jean Grey/Phenix being the long-lost lesbian lover of lovely and powerful--and award winning--Ms Davis. SRLY STFU. DID NOT see that coming. And that mousy Gilmore sidekick is one sick puppy, #amirite? Side note: spoiler alert.
  2. Tyrant
    The first season of the FX semi-historical fiction based in the fake English-speaking Arab emirate (but complete with Arab accents...) was a fun, compelling and interesting story of power and politics. Then shit went way sideways and the second season was totally bonkers and I loooooovved it! BASAM BASAM BASAM BASAM BASAM BASAM.
  3. In-N-Out Vanilla shakes
    I mean, they are so good. They are a road trip treat that feels both like an instant mistake and 550 calories (thanks fat police for forcing us to know just how guilty we should feel) peace, justice and the American way!
  4. The West Wing
    #reaktalk I have seen the entire series at least five times and can quote a vast majority of the shows but I'll still watch it on Netflix like, all the time. I also read all the fan news and such and shit up I love that show.
  5. The Local Greasy Spoon
    Brookside By Day in Tulsa (http://brooksidebyday.com). Pete's Breakfast House in Ventura. (http://bit.ly/1iUIont). Argo (aka City Dinner) in NYC at 90th and Broadway. You slap eggs and cheese and breakfast meat on a plate with take-the-roof-of-your-mouth-off hot coffee and call me honey, it's gonna work for me.
  6. Scandal
    I used to be a member of a small boutique PR firm that fixed things. But I never got the assignments that included working with/ destroying a domestic spy cabal with a solid Old Testament allusion for a name (I see you @shondarhimes). That said, I did work for the central character in this article once. http://on.wsj.com/1iUIons
  7. The NFL
    Yeah. Treatment of women and turing your players brains into mush aside, I love me some football.
  8. Trader Joe's frozen pizzas
    I fancy myself a foody and I love me some frozen TJs pizza.
  9. "That's what she said" jokes
    I need to stop. But I can get enough. It'll just leave a huge whole in me. (AHHHHHHHHH)
  10. Miller Lite
    I drink craft beer. I know about local trends. But turn up the heat on a summer day and I want a beer that has a great taste while being less filling.