because I'm bald.
  1. Hipster top knot.
    Stop it. But still impressive.
  2. Half shave
    Mostly on women and while I'm interested in your personal expression I feel as if you just can't commit to the full bat shit approach you strive for daily.
  3. Frosted Tips
    I'm looking at you Guy Fieri. It's time to move on, broah.
  4. The fresh barber
    You know the type: very close fade with impeccable straight razor lines and enough gel to make wearing a helmet on his fixed gear redundant. (This is a post of pure jealousy.)
  5. Supermodel vs Religious Fanatic
    From the source:
  6. The mullet
    Unless you are the right wing for the Edmonton Oilers (or his girl friend) the mullet isn't making a come back. So stop.
  7. The Texas
    We just spent a few days in the Lone Star state and I know that Aqua Net killed JR.
  8. The Jew Fro
    I love me a Jew Fro. But if you are older than 19 it's time to trim that a bit brodah.
  9. The Intentionally Messy
    You have bed head , a clean shirt and fresh shave. I don't get it.
  10. The un-embraced bald man.
    Get over it dude and get the clippers. Chicks dig bald guys. And some dudes dig'em too.