A list requested by my very mature sister @sally.
  1. My full title is Communication Representative, Expert, Gas Communications within the Corporate Relations Department for a large utility.
    But my family thinks it funny that I am a Gas Expert.
  2. I support the company's natural gas transmission and distribution operations.
    Transmission lines are big pipes that bring gas across great distances at higher pressure, distribution lines are small pipes that bring lower pressure gas to homes and businesses, and yes we make fart jokes.
  3. I develop and execute upon comprehensive plans that forward the company's objective of providing safe, reliable, affordable and clean energy service.
    That is what I do.
  4. In addition to my regular gas work, I also work on the crisis communications team.
    I am sure my sister would say something like, "Your gas is a crisis."
  5. I also provide executive, regulatory and government relations communications counsel...
    on gas matters.
  6. I am working on something called the Gas Rodeo.
    Yeah, that one is really just too easy.
  7. Only once did I make an explicit fart joke about gas safety.
    "It doesn't matter who dealt, if you smell gas get out and tell an adult." (A tweet for back-to-school safety -- it was widely retweeted)