Remember good communications can't make up for crappy business/product/candidates.
  1. Have something that isn't boring
    Now outline the key things about your non-boring something that makes it that way.
  2. Define the business or campaign objective that is forwarded by your non-boring thing.
    The thing is just non-boring and doesn't support your objectives? Stop. Do not pass go. There is no reason to do any more work. Placing an article for ego is stupid and you should tell your pigheaded client that reputation building only is useful if it supports the larger objectives. Ego isn't an objective.
  3. Draft key messages that will inform your entire campaign
    These can and should be tested. You can do it right with true focus groups or beg your friends or write a list with key messages and see if influencers relist you.
  4. Build a plan that includes the objective of the plan, the strategies and tactics to be employed and how much money you have to achieve the goals and support the tactics.
    No money? That is fine if you an iWatch level non-boring thing. Otherwise you're screwed.
  5. Goals
    You should know what a goal is.
  6. Strategies
    These are broad based concepts to support the goal, example: "a multi-platform approach to provide information about the non-boring thing." OR "Present stakeholders with clear alternative to other guys non-boring thing through a uniform paid and earned media effort." OR "Inform the public through placed media and social engagement regrading the upgraded policy and safety protocols which are non-boring."
  7. Tactics
    These are specific actions. Example: news releases, tweets, paid ads.
  8. Don't mix up strategies and tactics.
    Your strategy should drive your tactics. Tactics can and will fail without tanking a strategy but if your strategy sucks you are sunk.
  9. Go do it.
    Easy to say. And don't run out of money.