I'm a proud straight white ally. Here's what I'm proud of today.
  1. I'm proud to have learned that I need to be supportive and not the leader of this fight.
    Hard lesson for my type A personality.
  2. I'm proud I helped NYS pass its marriage equality law a few years ago.
    I was part of a liberal Jewish activist group that lobbies the living shit out of Albany. It was a surprise but it was pretty cool.
  3. I'm proud of the work I get to do for my company supporting equality in corporate America.
  4. I'm proud that my parents always had gay friends and it was normal.
    When my uncle/godfather came out to my parents when he started living with his partner in their early 40s, the only thing they said after he asked them if they had any questions was, "So, is he Jewish?"
  5. I'm proud of America and the progress we have seen.
  6. I'm proud, or just happy I guess, for all my gay friends who happened to be getting married this weekend.
  7. I'm proud of capitalism.
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