A list of things from door to order
  1. I have time to write a list.
  2. White or brown rice?
    Health is key but white rice is tastier.
  3. This should be the most profitable restaurant I the world.
  4. It is cold in San Francisco
  5. Why do we hate it so much when people say "San Fran?"
  6. I understand the hatred of "Frisco."
  7. Should I be ashamed of eating Chipotle in a city with so many great Mexican joints?
    Yea but I don't care. This ish is da bomb
  8. Speaking of "da bomb," Is Guy Fieri the most annoying person on TV?
  9. Should I get sour cream?
  10. Why do I have to pay extra for guacamole?
    I get it now there is a drought but before? It goes to the profits thing.
  11. They aren't using GMO meat or veg anymore.
    That's nice.
  12. I love green Tabasco.
  13. This line is long but moving quickly.
  14. I think I will get the bowl and not the burrito.
    That way I can have the white rice
  15. The music they are playing is edgy but non-offensive
  16. Why would you come to Chipotle if you don't want dairy, meat or spicy food?
  17. I'm next
  18. Order time.