Besides the obvious telecom industry these are my thought on our interconnected world. Feel free to add to the list.
  1. The media - print
    Besides for nostalgia print is dead. There is no financial value in the printing industry as a going concern.
  2. Porn
    A subcategory media but the network of tubes (pretty sure that's a title of a film) has revolutionized this sector.
  3. The music industry
    Another subset of media, streaming, digital and "sharing" killed hard copy anything and the traditional model. There have been countless articles and journals about the flattening of this space but for the most part, no one is making money on music sales. Unless you are TSwift.
  4. The financial services
    Anyone with an Internet connection and a bank account can be Gordon Gekko and with Robinhood you can do it with out fees. In person banking is almost unnecessary and Bitcoin may make ForEx a thing of the past.
  5. The media - broadcast
    We have been on the precipice of a game changer for a number of years but have yet to see it actually happen and the cost to build a quality show hasn't been addressed in the newer model which are the reasons I put this lower on this list. Yet on-demands, Amazon Prime, Netflix, Apple TV, Sling etc. are ready to destroy the current model.
  6. The Taxi Industry
    Please cab driver riots in France.
  7. The media - movies
    Distribution in this space has changed completely in the last 10 years and again in the last five.
  8. The Travel Industry
    Fuck that Travago guy.
  9. Retail
    Putting aside Prime Day...we are talking everything from shoes (Zappos) to drugs (Silk Roa...errr I mean to groceries (FreshDirect) is online.
  10. Fitness
    The advent of STRAVA and wearable GPS have had a huge impact on the way we train, if we train.
  11. Cartography
    ThomasGuides and their confusion choose your own adventure layout are a thing of the past. See point one about printing.
  12. Radio
    Advent of internet has been a radio game-changer, basically enabling audio on demand and podcasts. Radio was once thought a dinosaur. Internet has made it a titan (I'm thinking in particular of news radio/public radio/story telling/interview shows). Without internet, there'd be no WTFpod, no Serial, no Gimlet...
    Suggested by @saraivry