Inspired by @roche
  1. Not allow SF MUNI to annoy me.
    It's gonna be really difficult because they suck so incredibly hard. But this ish is taking years off my life. However, I got two more days to use my Twitter account to complain. @thedonniecc on Twitter if you're so inclined.
  2. Read books by diverse authors.
    More women, more folks of color. But also (intellectually honest) conservatives. I would like to expose myself (...) to more ways to see the world. I
  3. Get back in marathon shape.
    No numbers (lbs, bibs, pace). But by the end of the year I want the choice of whether or not I will train for a 2017 race. I might run a half but not for speed just to prove daddy still has it.
  4. Cook more.
    I love Pancho's Thursday and Trader Joe's has a solid frozen food game but cooking makes me feel better so I want to do it more.
  5. To issue flawless communications for work.
    Typos, man. I hate typos almost as much as I hate SF MUNI.
  6. Find more babysitters.
    I'd like to spend sometime with my wife. She's pretty great. So this is a very practical resolution.
  7. Visit my sister in Baltimore.
    I'm sort of a bad brother when it comes to visiting. Ive never visited @sally in her new home town. Never seen her as an adult, pretending to function in the world. Also, I want to eat all the food in Baltimore.
  8. Talk less, smile more.
    Couldn't resist.