1. ListApp
    Of course.
  2. SportCenter's Top10
    #Dunanah #dunanah.
  3. New York Times' Best Sellers List
    This is where you want to be, right @bjnovak?
  4. Rick Dees and the Weekly Top 40
    I bet you can't read this without signing the jingle. #taylorswift4ever
  5. Thrillist
    While misspelling "thrill" this one does have good lists of food you will never eat.
  6. Late Night with David Letterman
    It is kinda played out but he hits out of the park every once and a while.
  7. BuzzFeed
    Some are better than others but the sponsored and advocacy lists are a bit much.
  8. Food Paradise
    A Travel Channel background-noise show covers the top "fill in the blank" restaurants in the country. It is a less racy Thrillist.
  9. FBI's Most Wanted
    Upside: If you are on it you are famous. Downside: you maybe played by b-actor on "America's Most Wanted. "
  10. The stand-by list
    I think this is worse than being wanted by the FBI.