Last night I was invited through work to enjoy #America's pastime like the 1%. It's the way to go, sometimes. Herein, a list of highlights.
  1. Free craft beer.
    An obvious perk but worth noting all the same, the three beers I enjoyed would have put me back $36.
  2. The apocryphal Twain quote is true.
    Summer nights are (woo ohh oh) cold in San Francisco. Having a heated indoor space was sweet. #sorryimnotsorry about any of the horrible puns in this item.
  3. Face time with the boss.
    The president of the company was there and I spent about 45 minutes talking to him about work, baseball, the attributes of "A Clockwork Orange" and the weather (had to start somewhere). So that was good.
  4. The view was nice...
  5. and so was the lighting
  6. Nachos
    There were lots.
  7. There were three TVs
    We watched the Stanley Cup finals which was fun and heard some of our new company commercials on the local broadcast of the baseball game.
  8. I left the game early and didn't feel guilty.
    The president left and I went home to see this face. (He was sleeping but still really cute)
  9. I got a lyft from an open-minded Palestinian and we talked politics.
    This is another list for another time.
  10. The tickets were free.
  11. Some downsides
    There aren't many but here are a few: 1. You feel like you aren't there for the sake of the game because you aren't (see: "Face time with boss" for context). 2. Baseball is the great equalizer and "WE ARE THE 1%" doesn't really work in a song about peanuts and Cracker Jacks. 3. Yup that is about it.