I've been back at work for nearly 3 months but today @abbyzeecee is back and our boy is with other (loving and qualified) people. I may have cried on the bus a little.
  1. I loved this kid from before this picture was taken on his first full day.
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  2. He is my little monkey and I hope he knows that.
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  3. I hope he doesn't hold today against me like he will of the day pictured right...
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  4. I know he's is good hands but I worry because that's my job.
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  5. I'm so excited to see him tonight.
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  6. I hope he learns fun things today, like how to sleep without being bounced on a yoga ball.
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  7. There are so many things to look at in his new school and he seems to like the colors and such.
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  8. I'm eternally grateful that he didn't cry as soon as we left.
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  9. This parenting thing is hard but well worth it.
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  10. I love my wife and our kid and felt like saying so to everyone. So there.
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  11. Little monster (if you're gonna post a crying pic, you might as well go for the big show)!
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    Suggested by @sally