This is fun
  1. A few days ago a friend's wife posted in his Facebook wall that he should adopt a mini-donkey rescued from a "beading situation."
    The friend runs a Jewish summer camp outside of Seattle so it isn't like the craziest thing that could happen.
  2. Needless to say, likes and comments came flowing in.
  3. David, the camp director, is also a former grand prank master.
    He has work his entire life supporting summer camping, it was either that or he was just a weirdo.
  4. So, in order to get him back for wrapping my bunk in plastic and filling it with packing peanuts in 2005, I started a petition to get him to save some mini-donkeys.
    Fun fact: isn't an org but a BCorp.
  5. It gained a lot of momentum thanks to his au pair posting the petition to some au pair's listserv and hundreds of people being interested in trolling David.
    There are a lot of au pairs worldwide. And a lot of folks who like trolling David.
  6. We are about to break 500 signatures in just less than three days.
  7. We are also asking for donations for the camp.
    You got to feed those donkeys something and food isn't free.