Inspired by @gwcoffey
  1. Passover is my favorite holiday.
  2. I love the concept Passover.
    It's a holiday to never forget that we were strangers in the Land of Egypt, exploited and then enslaved. It is an incredibly powerful image for people like me who are extremely privileged.
  3. I love the food of Passover.
    My family makes a short rib tsimmis that is the shit. It's heavy and delicious. My dad's matzah ball soup would kick your family's matzah ball soup's ass. Finally Matzah crack - aka chocolate covered matzah with nuts. What nuts you ask? Dez nuts which were also slaves in the land of Egypt.
  4. I love to forget the pain of Passover every year.
    The awkward family shit and no one being interested in the second half of the Seder. The HOURS of work in the kitchen. The inevitable meltdown from at least one member of the family (...)
  5. I love watching @sally, @sam, @abbyzeecee and sometimes @rebeccazemel get CRUNK and pretend everything is fiiiiiine.
    Sally and our cousin Jason often each have a bottle hidden near their seats. Four cups is for chumps. Elijah never shows anyway. #deeplyjewishjokes
  6. I love doing some additional reading/teaching/engagement thing for the Seder.
    One year I took a class in Revolutionary Theology and wrote an essay that the table read though out the service. One year I asked everyone to send me sections of a haiku to build a story. There was a time I was going to a rabbi and the I did then haiku thing...
  7. I love seeing who gets the "Andy is an idiot" Hagaddah.
    My dad's (Andy) sisters also used these Hagaddahs back in the day. So they expressed themselves, freely.
  8. I love that we always invite the stranger
    There are always non-Jews at our table and often first timers. It's cool.
  9. I love that we have more than two dozen people at my parents' house.
    It's pretty cool.
  10. I love the leftovers
    For months after the fact.
  11. I don't love that my parents buy matzah at Costco.
    We still have last year's matzah from their house in our kitchen.