A Reclaim MLK Day/#BlackLivesMatter protest closed the western span of the Bay Bridge.
  1. I'm a strong supporter of this movement and I love the nonviolence of it.
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  2. I'm pissed to be sitting on the bridge.
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  3. My parents should have taken BART to the Oakland airport.
  4. The demands of this particular protest aren't measurable or achievable.
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    As I'm currently stuck on the bridge it's my place to talk about it.
  5. But it's not my place to say what the demands should be. I still support the movement, if not this moment.
  6. Today is the right day for this kind of action as MLK also did take action like this which made lives of people like me very difficult for a short time.
  7. This is a bigger statement than the BART action from last year as more folks will be talking about it.
    But I'm not sure what if anything will come of this particular action.
  8. These folks are going to jail for a long time.
  9. Yet I suppose that one action isn't the point. It's about the accumulated experience and shift is social experience.
  10. #BlackLivesMatter