Some are worse than others. Some happen a lot. Some are minor but still I fear them. After reading some really soul-baring lists I figured I would give it a shot.
  1. Dropping my son
    Add this to the cold sweat wake up in the middle of the night files. I have stat up in bed at least twice a week since he was born with this nightmare, starting while we were still in the hospital.
  2. Sending out news releases with typos
    I hate this shit and it happens all too often to me. I move too fast and miss a word making me and my company look stupid.
  3. That my rocking is too much and I have hurt my son
    The Happiest Baby on the Block said that vigorous but measured rocking or bouncing is good for a very fussy baby. But I fear that I am doing it without enough restraint.
  4. People thinking I'm dumb
    Born out of "having a learning disability" in school but still feeling smarter than most of the folks in class, I have a pretty serious inferiority complex around intelligence.
  5. Being stuck on the express bus and having to go
    It is bad.
  6. Live Newscasts
    Nothing good comes from a live interview.
  7. Getting fired
    Hasn't happened and I have no reason to expect it anytime soon but boy has this become more real with the addition of the baby.
  8. Getting sick
    My dad had a heart attack at 35. I am 32.
  9. That my reactionary family is right about being Jewish
    It is pretty scary in Europe right now. It was pretty scary when these members of the family left Europe, the last time.
  10. Being without cell service in an emergency
    See list on emergency planning.
  11. The fact that I'm most likely missing typos in this list
    Don't tell me if I do.