A chronological list of my interaction with a Lyft driver
  1. I left the baseball game before the end of 7th inning so to beat the rush on cars.
  2. Pulling up my Lyft app I called up a solo Lyft, feeling rich.
  3. My driver pulls up and I notice his Palestinian nationalist scarf on his dash board.
  4. We talk about the game, work and the. He asks me where I live and I him (both in San Francisco).
  5. He then asked me where I'm from (LA) and I him ("Palestine, well Israel," he said defeatedly).
  6. I asked him where in Palestine.
  7. He said Gaza.
  8. I said, "even this Zionist Jew calls Gaza 'Palestine.'"
  9. Upon merging onto McCallister as we crossed Market, he fist bumped me, thanking me for being open minded.
  10. We talked about how there needs to be better leadership and how he hates all the governments involved.
  11. He said that his last girl friend was Jewish.
  12. I said I believe we will see a Palestinian state in our life time.
  13. He said that we will see two separate states.
  14. We then talk about how his family lives in Dubai and that he came to the U.S. to follow his dream (He's in school for petroleum engineering).
  15. We then talked about how people outside of the conflict forget there are human beings involved in this and 95% of them just want to live their lives.
  16. We then turned onto my street and we shock hands and wished each other a Salam Alekum.
  17. Only in America.