"Nothing endures but change" has been my favorite quote forever...
  1. This platform will still be interesting
    I'm sure there will be even more corporate accounts and social media managers ghosting for famous folks, but for lists to be good, they still have to be good. The quality and diversity (well...) of the writing here is more important than the closed nature of the system. Like the marketing axiom: Good ads can't fix bad products. I think that applies here.
  2. This was never private
    Even in a smaller "community" we are online and there is a viral nature to these lists. If you felt comfortable before sharing here, I would argue you should still feel that way when to doors open. It's up to those who made this space great to keep it great.
  3. Lots of folks will go dark
    That's pretty sad. Some of the folks who don't want to risk further exposure will stop talking about interesting or difficult things. I hope the new people write lists about becoming an Ex-Pornographer but time will tell.
  4. There are trolls already
    I've been trolled. I've trolled. It happens. It's the nature of a comment based social medium.
  5. I'm happy for the creators of ListApp
    They built a creative space that was filled by a passionate group of followers and now these creators get to bring it to the rest of the world. I don't know these folks and will never meet them but they have my thanks for the fun this space was and will continue to be. (Bad sentence structure, I know) They also have my best wishes in making this economically viable.
  6. I'm interested to see what happens but don't really care that much
    Real talk: this is a fantastic platform but it's still a social media platform. It'll be a bummer if it devolves into another snark-fest filled with haters, but it's not a tsunami. It's a social media platform.
  7. I hope there are further meet ups with the OG ListApp-ers
    But if HotBabe0808975 and Prince_of_Namibia want to come they are more than welcome.