I love PBS and am a sustaining member of KQED but if I am having trouble falling a sleep I just have to find a public broadcast on my DVR.
    There is something about the announcer's serious voice that says "be outraged, but first take a little nap." I just guess I like falling asleep to corruption, death and exposed lies.
  2. The News Hour
    While not as consistent, watching The News Hour is pretty solid. It leads to dreams where I debate Gwen Ifill and we then get baked goods and fix the racial divide in our country while sailing on the Potomac, or something like that.
  3. Independent Lens
    This depression-causing series of documentaries takes me at least two viewing per film to learn why everything that is wrong is my fault.
  4. Charlie Rose
    This is for really bad insomnia. I don't mess with it on a regular basis.
  5. The Roosevelts
    Two words: Ken. Burns.
  6. Antiques Road Show
    God I love this show and try so hard to see how much they ugly-ass table is worth. Odds are however I will see an appreciation of my sleep rather than the cost of that beautiful Federal-style card table.
  7. Check, Please! Bay Area
    Watching Leslie's hair styles evolve is fun but this 30 minute gem is like an OD of old school public broadcasting. I consider this one a solid choice for a nap or finding a cute little place in Walnut Creek I will never visit.