Inspired by @Abby and @abbyzeecee
  1. John Mellencamp
    I'm married to a woman from Indiana.
  2. Dispatch
    I have seen them at least four times since 1999.
  3. Guster
    Really solid shows.
  4. Fun.
    Same as @abbyzeecee, twice in two week, both times for free thanks to a SWEET hook up.
  5. Lucius
    I SO knew this hipster band from Brooklyn before it was cool. That said: you should see them.
  6. Counting Crows
    I'm a Jew who went to camp in the 90s.
  7. Dave Mathews Band
    See above description.
  8. David Broza
  9. Darius Rucker
  10. The Lone Bellow
    Twice for free and once paid, all well worth it live.
  11. Marc Broussard
    I blame this one on my wife.
  12. Ozomotli
    They opened for Cherry Poppin' Daddies and then saw them a gain at a summer stage thing. Both shows were really good.