As a corporate communicator, I hear these all the time. Add the ones you hate too!
  1. Lean in
    Also: Being bossy is different than showing leadership skills and both are normal parts of development. #bringonthehate
  2. At the end of the day
    That's when I go home or have a drink or both depending on how the rest of the day transpired.
  3. Low hanging fruit
    Unless you work in agriculture just stop talking.
  4. Utilize
    The word you are looking for is "use." (I'm guilty of utilizing this word too often.)
  5. Best-practices
    My visceral reaction isn't immediate gagging upon hearing this one, but come on folks. Time to step it up.
  6. Pushing on an open door.
    Fine, use low hanging fruit...
  7. Cross functional integration
    Working together. See, wasn't that easier?
  8. Proof points
    Oh you mean supporting information?
  9. Pain points
    Related to the above but no, dealing with the weekly meeting isn't a "pain point" for the functionally integrated team.
  10. Mitigations
    Just shut up.
  11. Ninjas
    Dear tech world. Stop it.
  12. Pushing back.
    It's ok.You can call it 'disagreeing'. I will still like you.
    Suggested by @zkamenetz
  13. Learnings
    We already have a real word for this. It's 'lessons'.
    Suggested by @zkamenetz
  14. Circle back around
    Suggested by @gilbaron
  15. Organic
    As in happening naturally or looking or feeling real, overused and under explained too often
    Suggested by @gilbaron
  16. In his/her/our/their wheelhouse
    Again colorful without actually offering Germaine detail or meaning
    Suggested by @gilbaron
  17. Disrupting/disruptive
    Suggested by @StirAndStrain