Key figures in literature, three generations later
  1. Winston Smith, III
    He runs Rand Paul's social media.
  2. Walter "Wang" Lung
    After his family was removed from his traditional namesake's homestead during the Mao's revolution, Walter now is an ultra-Capitalist living in Shanghai much to the eternal pride of his long lost grandfather.
  3. Kathy Bluedolphin
    A proud back-to-the-land Indigenous peoples activist living north of her people's native island.
  4. Thomas R. Joad, V
    Thomas Richard Joad, V is the banking interest behind the Central Valley Farming Association.
  5. Gabby Montag-Berman
    Serves as the spokeswoman for the Forestry Service's Forest Fire Prevention campaign and manages the Smokey the Bear brand.
  6. Admiral A. H. McGruff
    While dedicated he isn't a fanatic; his leadership of the Pacific GreenPeace anti-whaling fleet is seen as measured and strategic.