My company did a HUGE emergency drill over the past two days simulating the Big One hitting the Bay Area. It got me thinking of what my plan would be and I want share a prep list of stuff I learned.
  1. Have a plan
    It should be detailed. Here is a good "list" to start you off. but in short, get all the stuff and info you need in one place. I will be doing this with my lovely wife tonight.
  2. Have survival stuff
    Beyond the bag of stuff purchased at Bed Bath & Beyond (in the beyond section, of course) and a mini-Leatherman I keep next to my bed we are pretty much without enough stuff. We do have a go bag of sorts in the car. So we might survive without The Rock and his helicopter but even with him we don't have a go bag of diapers. That would suck.
  3. Have cash money
    Bitcoin ain't gonna do it when the grid is on fire. Small bills and big. Also valuables and such if we are talking zombie apocalypse level disasters.
  4. Have limited non-survival stuff
    Bring your useless cell phone and charger. Your computer is a good idea too. And the charger. Eventually you will find exportable power and will want these things. For kids: toys and books. For adults: booze. But you will need to carry this stuff, so remember that.
  5. Have sturdy yet comfortable shoes
    You might need to walk a long way and there will be all sorts of stuff on the ground. Electrical work boots are a good call but rubber soles are a must. Getting electrocuted would slow your trip to your rendezvous point.
  6. Have alternative comms
    Odds are you don't have a GETS card from Homeland Security. So have some alternative methods of getting in touch. This should be part of the overall plan but is worth noting. Pay phones are on hardlines and don't get as much use anymore so they may be open. Radios also are a good call. Smoke signals are probably a bad idea because there may be gas leaks, and I should know cuz I am a gas expert.
  7. Have a rendezvous point
    Not only is it fun to say, in an emergency you may be far from your loved ones and will want to meet up in a non-tech based social networking kind of way.
  8. Have stuff at your office
    Odds are if you aren't home you will be at work.
  9. Practice your plan
    It may seem lame but this way you know what to do. Practice is key. First responders drill. Doctors drill. Gas experts drill. That way we can execute and keep people safe in the real thing. Find time and do it. The wife and I will do it soon, promise.
  10. Stay safe
    People gonna be crazy. People gonna be scared. People gonna be doing crazy-scared things. Also shit gonna be a mess. Stay away from downed power lines or other broken infrastructure. Like I said, real talk.