The hunting of Cecil the Lion was awful and probably illegal. But it provides an interesting window into internet activism and the state of journalism. Here are some headlines and ledes that would provide some real talk in this situation.
  1. Nearly 100 thousand European and American Office Workers Sign Web-Based Petition telling African Nation what to do
  2. Outrage Over Death in Africa
  3. Thousands Sign Petition to Address Zimbabwe's 26.54/1000 Infant Mortality Rate.
    Or for a lion.
  4. As U.S. President Pushes for Education Reform for Women in Kenya, he's Forced to Touch on Big Game Hunting in Zimbabwe because Africa is one place.
  5. BREAKING: American Pays for Access and Gets What He Wants
  6. Tonight, Americans are Outraged about a Wild Life Killing and later on the show, a New Poll Finds more than 50% of American Doubt Global Warming.