This meet up is hosted by @EricElkins who doesn't live here or know about these themes. But it's this weekend: JULY 25, SOUTHERN PACIFIC BREWING 5pm BE THERE!!! But first help pick a theme - suggest or vote in the comments.
  1. Beer drinking
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    Always a solid theme for meet up at a brewery.
  2. Effete snobbery
    This one goes without saying, really.
  3. Failed Social Media Platforms
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    I call Ello and there will be an entire section for Google platforms.
  4. Parents vs. Singles
    Like Sharks and Jets but the parent will be packing diapers and wipes and the singles will out last us on the dance floor (cuz that's obvi how we would through down as an ode to WSS).
  5. iPhone vs. Andriod
    This isn't much fun but sort of important considering how we all "know" each other.
  6. Donald Trump
    It's in the news and such. But I worry what this looks like.
  7. Iran Deal
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    Everyone could dress up as their favorite member of the negotiations team. I want to be Ernest Moniz because of his fantastic hair.
  8. List-App-arati
    Dress up as your fav List-app famous person. Rule: if you are famous you can't come as yourself.
  9. Super Heroes
    A solid go to...
  10. Awkward, I-only-know-you-via-social theme
    Our interactions have only been under the very limiting context of text-based sharing, so what could possibly go wrong?
    Suggested by @EricElkins