I had a bad day so deal with my rant.
  1. Folks in full workout gear and ballet flats.
    Most likely LuluLemon...it looks weird. Wear sneakers. Please.
  2. Why pharmacies are closed during non- working hours.
    Yeah I get it - pharmacists are people too. But fuck that. That damn dentist gave me an infection and I couldn't fill my Rx at my normal place now I need an exception from my provider which I'm sure won't work because "Thrive."
  3. Why people who are shitty managers always end up in positions of authority.
    So many examples.
  4. I can't find the kuggle recipe my dad sent me a number of times in my Gmail.
    I delete nothing. He has sent it 5 times. I have decided that gmail hates Jews. And heart disease.
  5. How BlackBerry is still around.
    Srly I don't get it.
  6. Our landlord/upstairs neighbor moved out and didn't tell anyone in his three unit building.
    Kinda rude. And then he put his unit on the market for almost 30% more rent than we pay for our unit. It isn't that much nicer. @abbyzeecee tell you about when I get home.
  7. Fucking Muni
    This I will never get.
  8. Double parking on a Main Street in rush hour.
    Who the fuck are you? The president of the United States? No? Ok move you shitty 1997 Honda Accord and bu-bye.
  9. People choose liquid diets.
    Now you know why I'm mad.