Do do do do do, do do do do do, dodo dododo
  1. Would anyone ever come up with such a detailed answer from such a vague question?
  2. Does Alex practice reading the answers?
  3. Does Alex just wing those contestant interviews?
  4. Why would anyone risking all their money on a Daily Double not say "I'll make it a true Daily Double Alex"?
    Even if I had no idea about the category I would 💯% say this and anyone who wouldn't is dead to me.
  5. Does anyone help the contestants get ready for camera?
    This is an obvious no. But perhaps they should help some of the indoor kids get TV ready outfits. Just a thought.
  6. Are the members of the Clue Crew lackluster actors looking for work or the best looking Acadec kids from the class of 2003?
    Alternative theory: they are all out for Alex's job and are a cut throat group of haters.
  7. Beyond @sally and the rest of our family, does anyone else shout-sing the Daily Double sound effect?
    No? Ok, that's cool.
  8. Why did Alex shave his stash?
  9. Has there ever been a better champion than Colby?
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    No, no there has not.