Just a few
  1. What's with the SnapChat love/hate?
    It is what it is. It's valued at like a buzzzzillon dollars and some people like it. Live and let live. I mean it is the tech world's approach to everything anyway. #laissezfaireslam
  2. Is tapping into @bjnovak's self-deprecating approach to comedy the only way to get him to comment on your list?
    Desperate? Yes. But possibly true.
  3. Are pictures of my kid the only reason my lists trend?
    Seems that way.
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    Desperation is ugly but that punim is adorable.
  5. Dogs are the best lawyers.
    I would hire Tally Atwater in a heart beat.
  6. I think @abbyzeecee should write more lists cuz she is funny.
    And beautiful and a great wife and mother.
  7. I'm bummed when I read a list that has puns that I don't understand.
    Makes me feel dumb.
  8. Why aren't there more Princess Bride lists?
    It feels like this would be a safe space to write a list of best quotes or out of context statements or something. I mean you wouldn't find that on SnapChat...but here...
  9. Is ListApp still like Fight Club?
    I'm asking for a friend. Or @EricElkins was asking about it. But don't worry he only was talking about it with other List App people, so it's cool.
  10. Do other Greek letters get used in the tech world?
    Beta seems so off fleek at this point.
  11. I saw a list a long time ago that said complaining about saying fleek is so passé but it sounds dumb.
    I'll say it. It has to be said.