We all got stuff that is weird and some of us might use it to our advantage.
  1. Greek Man of the Year, 2004-2005
    I was a BMOC and did all sorts of stuff. I was the anti-frat boy frat boy. This is a big honor in the Greek community and has started more than one conversation with employers. Still strange. (also pictured: Steve-o who was featured in the back to camp list.)
  2. This line: "with specific experience in Bond Holder communications, Capital Market influence..."
    Considering I studied modern Jewish history and anti-semitism in college and nearly became a rabbi, it's funny that I specialize in controlling the banks/the media/the money/etc.
  3. Supporting employee engagement through programs such as the Gas Rodeo.
    @sally thinks this is funny.
  4. Supporting the company's Pride communications.
    I was *proud* to do this work but really didn't think I would be doing it in Corporate America.
  5. The fact that I make a living by writing.
    This is strange to anyone who knew me as a child.