Sure I went for a girl but I stayed at URJ Greene Family Camp for the kids.
  1. URJ Greene Family Camp or GFC is a Reform Jewish Camp in Bruceville, TX.
    You may remember it from such lists as this one. THINGS ABOUT SUMMER CAMP AS A REAL ADULT
  2. We know that Bruceville is out in the boonies.
    We like to joke around about the strange neighbors we are to the country folks. The title of this list is a staff song session favorite.
  3. I followed a girl there going into my senior year in college. That didn't work out.
    It's all good tho. I met @abbyzeecee there the next year.
  4. Like many others, meeting a mate at Jew camp makes you a poster child.
    We are lay leaders now and help run alumni events and such.
  5. But the real reason I support GFC is for the small town Jewish kids.
    A majority of the kids at camp come from Dallas, Houston or Austin, places with small but not invisible Jewish populations. But there is a sizable group from smaller towns in Texas and Oklahoma where they may be the only Jew in their class and their family may be the town's Jewish family.
  6. I support GFC because it lets those small town Jews be kids.
    They don't have to be the "Jew" at camp. They get to be other things. They don't have to be representing all the time.
  7. Not always but often these kids who need to just be kids have trouble affording camp tuition.
    So that is why I'm giving to the GFC Campership Fund on #GivingTuesday.
  8. I'd be honored if those of us on @list would consider a donation to GFC's Campership Fund today but also hope you will support other camps that help "other" kids just be kids.