A list that almost wasn't.
  1. After a particularly difficult work day and a night of no sleep I had a minor breakdown/ temper tantrum about nothing in particular.
  2. As a result of said breakdown/temper tantrum, I was in need of a distraction of something intellectually stimulating and the book I was reading wasn't doing it for me.
  3. So I grabbed my iPad to download a book from the Library.
  4. None of the books on this list* were eBook available or checked in for borrowing.
  5. So I went with a tried and true serious topic fiction writer Haruki Murakami
  6. I guess I wanted to drown my self-pity in a winding existential narrative about post-modern pointlessness pervasive in a structured culture dealing with newly found and established wealth that's subject to natural and man made disasters.
  7. So I read a bit and went to bed.
  8. It resulted in restless sleep and the hour of trying to put the kid to sleep in the middle of the night didn't help.
  9. Fun side note: we have a stuffed sheep and I'm pretty sure it was talking to me at some point. (sorry for the Murakami joke.)
  10. So on the bus this morning after a glorious night of sleep thanks to the kid only waking up once and falling back asleep quickly and on his own, I read more of "After the Quake."
  11. It's classic Murakami and grabbed at me.
  12. I received a text message from my dad and I responded on my phone and put it back in my pocket.
  13. Or so I thought.
  14. The bus turned on to Beale Street from Market and, in one fluid motion, I closed the iPad, opened my bag to put it away and launched my phone in the air.
  15. It hit the floor of the bus.
  16. It hit the door of the bus.
  17. It hit the storm drain grate.
  18. It hit the bottom of the storm drain.
  19. The drought is bad but thanks to it this drainage collection point was bone dry and filled with leaves.
  20. So I went in search of a grabby thing and found no such thing. But I did find a building mechanic who brought a hooked rod and very sticky electrical tape.
  21. After a good deal of iPhone fishing and failed attempts, my phone, complete with dirt, leaves and potentially Hep C was recovered.
  22. Thankfully I had a bunch of sanitizing wipes in my bag because parenting.
  23. I'm extremely grateful to all who helped me get it back today ; they are the true heroes of this story.
  24. I wasn't all that pissed about it. In the past I might have lost my mind and screamed, etc.
  25. And both Abby and I left out keys at home. But thanks to our neighbor and forgetting to lock the back door we are all home together.
  26. So that's the list.