I met @abbyzeecee at the Greene Family Camp in Bruceville, TX when we both were 22. We came back this weekend as lay leaders to host the 40th reunion with the Cutlet. These are some observations.
  1. We got older and the staff stayed the same age.
    Damn they are young. And stupid. We we neither that young nor that stupid. Except we were. 💯 that stupid and young.
  2. It is fucking hot in Bruceville in July.
  3. Camp is more complicated with a three month old.
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    Yes his onies says "Y'all" -- we are in Texas after all.
  4. Alumni vs Staff basketball is fierce. 🏀
    There we multiple injuries including what looked like a mild concussion. 😵
  5. We aren't on staff anymore but there is a replacement version of everyone we knew then.
    There is a guy who did color cometary for the entire 40 minutes of basketball complete with snarky remarks. I am that guy and he is me. #metasummercamp
  6. Camp is cuter with a three month old.
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  7. @abbyzeecee noted that we are very happy to have a three month old and not a 10 year old.
    We met the summer of the 30th reunion. #math.
  8. Traveling with a child is as much work as they say but it's fun too.
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    Worth it for this shot alone.
  9. Those moron campers/staff are now adults.
    Steve-o has a six year old (practically) step daughter. Mind blowing really.
  10. Singing songs is cool at camp.
    Even if you can't sing.
  11. I'm excited that the boy will get to go to Jewish summer camp.